czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013

Wykład otwierający Kongres UNIV w RZYMIE

W tym roku, 2 studentów ze Szczecina uczestniczyło w Kongresie UNIV w Rzymie.

Prezentujemy wykład otwierający to wydarzenie.

The Who Am I
Kevin de Souza

Good morning to you all. I was highly amused when I read my bio-data in a Spanish translation of an article I wrote for this UNIV Congress. It stated: “Kevin de Souza works in Mumbai (India) and
he is an expert in educational topics especially those related to technology and the family.” So, I am an expert!
A friend of mine used to joke saying that “an expert is one who comes from far away to tell you what you already know, and for money”. I guess he was right to some extent. I have come from far away and I am going to tell you many things that you already know. But don’t worry, I won’t ask you for money!
The topic of UNIV Congress 2013 is all too familiar to us because we are swimming (if not drowning!) in digital technology. Hence the theme:
Reality Check: Discovering Human Identity in a Digital World
La identidad humana. Del latín identitas, la identidad es el conjunto de los rasgos propios de un individuo.
Human identity. Identity, derived from the Latin identitas, is the sum total of characteristics of
an individual.
Now I’ve left many of you quite discombobulated. If I’m from India, why am I speaking in those languages? At the very crux of the definition of identity is the WHO AM I question.
WHO AM I? Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Goan by descent, I grew up in Kenya. I studied in Spain. I live in Mumbai. So how do I know Italian and French? Simple, I don’t - I used Google

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